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GNL Brand Safety Policy 2020/21

Gamer Network Limited (“GNL”) takes a zero-tolerance approach to the misplacement of advertisements. GNL, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Reed Exhibitions Limited (“RX”), of Gateway House, 28 The Quadrant, Richmond, Surrey TW9 1DN, operates to strict brand safety principles in line with the Trust Accountability Group (TAG) Brand Safety Certification (BSC) Principles. The GNL Brand Safety Policy 2020/21 is in place to reduce the risk of the misplacement of GNL clients’ digital media, to protect their interests and to maximise investment value.

  1. Key Principles
    1. Potential advertisers, i.e. brands and/or their agencies, are vetted to ensure that the best industry practice and quality are upheld. GNL uses RX’s global security and procurement teams to approve each potential advertiser and uses guidelines laid down internally by its in-house lawyer and in-house data protection officers to verify the content and content providers on its websites for the purpose of protecting its clients, its audience and itself.
    2. The placement of advertising will be identified by contract and should not support inappropriate or illegal content or services.
    3. Media will be optimised to minimise fraud ad misplacement and to ensure that advertisements can be viewed as clearly and as well as possible.
    4. GNL has a responsibility to preserve its clients’ interests and reserves the right to cancel or amend any media booking if media quality standards are not met, in GNL’s reasonable opinion, or there are any actual or potential third party intellectual property rights breaches.
  2. GNL Approach
    1. GNL shall ensure that clients are confident that their programmatic and direct campaigns have a sufficient and consistent level of safety and quality as a minimum. It also ensures a flexible and customised approach can be taken for clients with varying sensitivities. Multiple technology partners are used by GNL to apply these standards and, whilst no risk can be completely ruled out, collectively the multiple technology partners have the best opportunity of reducing any risk of misplacement.
    2. GNL has adopted industry standards. This is applied to all programmatic campaigns by default, requiring no action from the client. GNL will not accept any clients who are on relevant sanctions blacklists, whose advertising is misleading in any way, whose advertising in relation to subjects such as, without limitation, death, drugs, crime, firearms, fraud, war terror, cigarettes, glorifying alcohol consumption, glorifying gambling or containing any hate speech or racism or homophobia or any other form of discrimination.
    3. If a client has particular sensitivities, these can be added to the matters outlined in Clause 2.2 above, i.e. customised pre-bid filtering. Any additions are done on an opt-in basis. Similarly, a client can, in rare circumstances with the approval of GNL, opt out if parts of what is restricted under Clause 2.2 above would unwittingly exclude their target audience.
    4. Where media buys must be acquired and executed in a traditional direct approach, GNL follows a direct evaluation procedure that includes a copy approval process based on the restrictions identified in Clause 2.2 above and elsewhere in this Policy.
  3. GNL’s digital takedown policy
    1. GNL has a strict takedown policy to address any misplacement of ads, which policy is covered in the contracts or SLAs agreed between GNL and clients prior to the commencement of media placement or advertising campaigns. GNL aims to process takedown requests within four (4) hours of receipt of notification, although this target takedown period may be extended for requests received out of normal office hours.
    2. A media owner responsible for any error or breach of the terms of this Policy or any contract will confirm in writing that the affected item has been removed or paused or amended, as requested by GNL.
    3. GNL will regularly review terms and conditions to determine whether the media owner is in breach of agreed terms.
    4. GNL will work with each and every client regarding any specific actions in relation to the event of concern and will take all reasonable, proportionate and necessary actions with the media owner.
  4. Compliance with accredited and regulated industry practices
    1. GNL plays an active role in addressing the challenges of media quality, adhering at all times to industry regulation. We are affiliated with the IABiii, Internet Advertising Bureau UK as well as The Trust Accountability Group (TAG) for Brand Safety in the UK.
    2. We also work with, but not exclusive to, bodies such as Sussex Police, the Metropolitan Police and other crime prevention bodies.
  5. Further Information and GNL Contacts
    1. Please contact Matt Butlin ( as the primary point of contact.
    2. Any further queries or a formal complaint should be addressed to Tim Cotton, Head of Legal, Gamer Network Limited, 1-6 Grand Parade, Brighton, East Sussex BN2 9QB, United Kingdom.