Since 2006, ReedPop has been at the forefront of empowering brands to amplify their presence within the pop culture community. Through harnessing our expansive network of events and digital platforms, we have emerged as industry leaders in craft bespoke event and digital campaigns. These initiatives are meticulously designed based on data insight, ensuring that they are finely tuned to meet the specific objectives and drive the success of our clients. At ReedPop, our commitment lies in delivering impactful and tailored solutions that resonate deeply with the diverse audience of pop culture enthusiasts.

ReedPop Merch

Work with ReedPop’s Merchandise team to create highly sought after event exclusives. Utilize their comprehensive design and production skills to bring your concept to vivid life.  Our team has created world-class merchandise for Lucasfilm, Marvel, HBO and CBS, as well as numerous authors & artists in the pop culture space, across a wide spectrum of product-types - plush, apparel, pins, vinyl figures, limited-edition art... and much, much more! 

If you can dream it up, they can make it a reality!

ReedPop Creative

Our ReedPop Creative team aims to help you create campaigns that connect to our demographics. We can bring your graphics to the next level and ensure you authentically reach our audiences. They specialize in both digital and print projects needs that any partner may have.

Who We've Worked With